12 Recent MLB Draft Picks Teams Are Already Regretting (And 12 Draft Steals That Got The Last Laugh)

Unlike the NBA, NHL, and NFL Draft, many of the players who are selected in the Major League Baseball amateur draft take a couple of years to mature and grow into at best a serviceable big league player. For some, their talents and abilities are overlooked and may take a little more fine tuning than others, but the patience and wait are well worth it as they have become household names and star players, making numerous teams regret passing on selecting them.Other players were superstars during their high school or college ranks, or at least were told they were. Whomever told these young players that may have filled their heads with the wrong advice, sometimes leading them to declare earlier than they should for the major leagues. In hindsight, the teams that drafted these players obviously made a big mistake, not only for their organization but just as important for the future of these young athletes, often leaving many laughing at their decision making.Below are 24 draft picks who were drafted within the last decade. Some have rewarded their teams with outstanding efforts on the field, others may have been given up on too early and brought success to new teams and some have unfortunately moved on to life outside of baseball.
24 Draft Regret: Donavan TateWhen you are athletically talented enough to be a two-sport athlete, one would hope that you would find some success at a pro level. Unfortunately for Donavan Tate, such was not the case. In 2009, the San Diego Padres announced the outfielder as the third overall selection in the draft after his high school senior year. Option B would have been to go to North Carolina and play quarterback for the Tar Heels.Initially, it was a good decision by Tate to play baseball, as the Padres paid him over $6 million as a signing bonus. The thing is, Tate never made the big leagues, due to injuries and off-field issues. Last year, the 28-year-old attempted to return to the gridiron as a member of the Arizona Wildcats but did not finish out the season as he left the squad during his redshirt rookie season in order to move closer to his Georgia home life.23 Draft Steal: Matt CarpenterUnfortunately for Matt Carpenter, he wasn’t drafted 400th overall, which would have made a great story and sounds a lot more than 399. But chances are the St. Louis Cardinals infielder isn’t going to nitpick. Two years after draft day, Carpenter joined the Cards on a full-time basis, eventually becoming a three-time All-Star and a Silver Slugger. Over the past four seasons, the 32-year-old Texas native has hit at least 21 homers and batted no less than .241/.365/.451. The first 20 picks in the 2010 draft featured fourteen pitchers, some of which have panned out, others are still a work in progress and a bunch who will forever be stuck in the minors. Whether it be the top 20 or anywhere between, there are a lot of teams wondering what they were thinking when 398 other players heard their name called before Carpenter.22 Draft Regret: Touki ToussaintSelected with the 16th pick in 2014, the Arizona Diamondbacks selected the right-handed pitcher, only to trade him to the Atlanta Braves a year later for reasons only assumed to be financial, as he was a throw-in for a package deal. Making his major league debut in 2018, the Diamondbacks may have come out ahead in the deal, as Touki Toussaint finished the season 2-1 in his seven appearances. Posting a 4.03 ERA, Toussaint hasn’t really shown any reason to believe the hype that came prior to his draft day when he was ranked among the top ten pitchers in his class.Some in the Atlanta organization may think that Touki has the making of a rotational pitcher for the 2019 season, and he very well could as he is still only 22-years-old. Maybe the regret comes from the Diamondbacks who not only used a high pick on a pitcher that wasn’t yet ready, but then didn’t have the patience to see him through the process.21 Draft Steal: Joc PedersonOne year after the L.A. Dodgers drafted the center fielder, he turned out an All-Star worthy season. How’s that for a steal! Selected in the 11th round, 352nd overall in 2010, Joc Pederson has been a mainstay in the Dodgers lineup since 2015. Could Pederson have cracked the main roster before 2014? Possibly, had the Dodgers outfield not included names such as Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, and Carl Crawford.In back-to-back World Series championships, Pederson, unfortunately, walked away ringless, but that wasn’t due to lack of contribution as he hit four homers and six RBI in 11 games, with a .233 average. Considering that his 2018 numbers were on par with the same stat line that got him an All-Star nod, there is a good chance that fans will see the Dodger outfielder in the midseason classic again very soon.20 Draft Regret: Bubba Starling The Kansas City Royals would no doubt love to have a do-over for the 2011 draft. Instead of selecting George Springer or Jackie Bradley Jr. or a handful of other players who have become All-Stars, the Royals used the fifth pick on Bubba Starling. Now honestly, can you really blame the Royals for using a high pick on a young athletic high school stud who was a star player in three different sports? Let us not forget that Al Bundy was a star high school athlete as well.After a solid first season of “A” ball, the Royals looked to have made a worthy selection, but for the next seven years Starling’s stats have never increased and at 26-years-old, this is not a good sign. With three seasons of Triple-A on his resume, Starling might be the richest minor league player to ever hit below .250.19 Draft Steal: Paul GoldschmidtWhether the Diamondbacks needed a defensive stop or a big hit, it seemed as though they have looked to their first baseman to make an impact more often than not, evident by his multiple Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards. Originally drafted by the Dodgers in 2006, Paul Goldschmidt chose to attend college rather than sign with LA, leading to the Diamondbacks being able to redraft him with the 246th pick in 2009.Although he had spent time honing his game in the NCAA, people still thought that Goldschmidt’s game was still lacking the speed, power, and mental competitiveness to compete at the MLB level. Those people can eat crow. Over the course of his eight-year professional career, Goldschmidt has posted seasons in which he knocked 36 homers, 125 RBI, 32 stolen bases and six years of putting out over 1000+ batters. If you can get a six-time All-Star with an eighth-round pick, it easily qualifies as a steal in any books.18 Draft Regret: Danny HultzenIn 2008, the Arizona Diamondbacks drafted Hultzen out of high school with a tenth-round pick and then the Seattle Mariners redrafted him with the second overall pick in 2011. Deciding to go to college rather than join the D-Backs, Danny Hultzen fine-tuned his pitching arsenal on route to earning a number of individual accolades. Unfortunately for the Mariners, Hultzen and now his new team, the Chicago Cubs, those accolades have not transferred into any sort of major league success. Since entering the M’s minor league system at the age of 22, Hultzen has battled through four major injuries to his shoulder, an obvious area of concern when it comes to a pitcher. After sitting out all of the 2017 seasons, the Cubs took a chance on the lefty by signing him to a minor league contract last spring.17 Draft Steal: Brian DozierSelected in the eighth round by the Minnesota Twins in the 2009 draft, Brian Dozier has already captured a Gold Glove award and a place in the All-Star game. Now for some fans, that might equate to a steal. For others, they will look at the consistent numbers that the middle infielder, who now suits up for the L.A. Dodgers, has put up over the course of his career. Averaging 25 home runs, 73 RBI and hitting .246 during the course of his seven years in the league, Dozier was traded to the 2018 NL Champion Dodgers at the 2018 trade deadline in a three for one deal.With a four-year/$20 million deal set to expire at the end of this season, the Twins felt they better get something rather than nothing as contract talks with Dozier didn’t amount to much, leaving the Dodgers deal with his pending free agency. Considering the Dodgers’ deep wallet, chances are they won’t have a problem resigning the Mississippi native.16 Draft Regret: Mark AppelImagine being able to be drafted three separate times by three different teams. That’s how badly teams wanted Mark Appel to join their rotation. Bypassing both the Detroit Tigers and the Pittsburgh Pirates for various financial reasons (imagine being under 20-years-old and turning down millions!), Appel would eventually be selected by the Houston Astros with the first overall pick in the 2013 draft after playing out his college career with the Stanford Cardinal. The Texas native would spend four years pitching for various Astros minor league affiliates before being traded to the Philadelphia Phillies in 2016. Combining a variety of injuries and a lost passion to play, Appel stepped away from the game earlier this year.15 Draft Steal: Nolan ArenadoThere are four players from the 2009 draft that have played in more games than Nolan Arenado, however, only Mike Trout has an awards resume that can outdo the Colorado Rockies third baseman – five-time Gold Glove, four straight All-Star appearances, three Silver Sluggers and a Platinum Glove award. Not too shabby for a guy who was taken in the second round. Rather than attending college like many of his peers on this list, Arenado decided to head straight to the professional ranks, joining the Rockies farm system straight out of high school.Considered by many to be one of the top defensive corners in the league, Arenado is no slouch at the plate as well. After twice leading the league in RBIs and three times pacing the National League in homers, Arenado has left more than a few heads scratched as to what the other teams who weren’t drafting pitchers were thinking on draft day.14 Draft Regret: Christian ColonCan you be a World Series champion and still be a draft regret? Some will say yes as you can very well ride the pine and not impact a game. What about if you whack a game-winning hit, can you still be defined as a bust? In the case of the former Kansas City Royal, the answer is yes. In 2010, the Royals used the fourth pick on the infielder from Puerto Rico with the hopes that he would pay dividends.Four years after being drafted, Christian Colon would join the Royals but would struggle to see his name on the batting order. In 2015, Colon would be a big reason for the Royals championship success, but one hit does not make a career as he finished his time with the Royals appearing in only 125 games, connecting on 83 hits and batting .263. Since the end of the 2017 season Colon has been linked to the Marlins, Braves and Mets hoping to rekindle that one shining moment.13 Draft Steal: Jacob deGromThere should have been a handful of general managers and front office staff handed pink slips on draft day in 2010 if you were to judge by the results of the 2014 Rookie of the Year award. Drafted with the 272nd pick, the New York Mets walked away looking like geniuses by selecting the right-hander from little known Stetson University in Florida, where he spent a good amount of time playing shortstop. Whether it be a fastball, changeup, curve or slider, Jacob deGrom has mowed down 1000 batters in 139 games. This past season, deGrom posted a career-best 1.70 ERA, which was also tops in the National League. Oh and just to add to the impressive numbers, deGrom was also the Mets workhorse on the mound, pitching 217 innings.12 Draft Regret: Courtney HawkinsDrafted by the White Sox in 2012 with the 13th overall pick, Courtney Hawkins has yet to prove worthy enough of such a high selection. Considering that the outfielder was once ranked as the club’s top prospect, the fact that Hawkins never even stepped on the freshly cut grass of Guaranteed Rate Field with a Sox jersey on speaks volumes about the organization’s scouting crew and the lack of ability that the once highly ranked high school star has shown after draft day.After seven years with the Sox minor league programs, never once reaching the AAA level, Hawkins would find his contract attached to the Cincinnati Red organization, who felt that he was worth a look after he showed some improvements during a run in the Atlantic League. The Reds and Hawkins aren’t doing any backflips, but at least it is a second chance to make a first impression.11 Draft Steal: Khris DavisFor the last three seasons, the Oakland Athletics left fielder has been among the leaders in launching home run bombs over MLB fences, including a league-leading 48 homers this year.  After playing college ball instead of joining the Washington Nationals program, Khris Davis would be redrafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the seventh round of the  2009 draft. Following four years in the Brewers farm system, Davis would finally receive a call-up to the main roster, but his first few years would not go without struggles.Even though Davis would post decent numbers, he would occasionally found himself sent back down the ladder for some fine tuning. Obviously, the extra reps helped as did a 2016 trade to the Bay Area, as Davis has posted four straight years of hitting at least .247 and three years of 40+ homers and 100+ RBI. Maybe if the Brewers held on to Davis, they may have advanced to the 2018 World Series.10 Draft Regret: Barret LouxThree years after the Detroit Tigers originally selected Loux with the 751st pick in the 2007 draft, the Arizona Diamondbacks figured he made such an improvement during his time at Texas A&M, that they used their sixth pick in the 2010 draft on the right-handed pitcher. Too bad they didn’t think as highly of Chris Sale or Noah Syndergaard. Did we mention that Barret Loux never even made it to the Show, whereas Sale has been a seven-time All-Star and Syndergaard (aside from having amazing locks) is one of the best pitchers in the Mets rotation and an All-Star? Could Loux have been as good as predicted in the Majors had he not suffered from multiple injuries to his shoulder and elbow? Unfortunately, fans, the Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs, who had traded for Loux in 2012, will never know.9 Draft Steal: Mike TroutMost people consider a steal to be a deep round pick, but in the case of Mike Trout, there were 21 other teams that failed to pick up the centerfielder in the 2009 draft. Heck, some teams even had multiple chances, in fact, the Los Angeles Angels chose to take Randal Grichuk before selecting Trout with the 25th pick. Let’s remember that since joining the big boys in 2011, Trout has put together a string of seven straight All-Star appearances, five Silver Slugger awards, two MVP seasons, a Defensive Player of the Year and also won the Rookie Of The Year award.Collectively, the 24 other players selected before the Angels All-World fielder don’t add up to the amount of hardware and stats that Trout has posted. We get that Stephen Strasburg was touted as a can’t-miss pitching prospect, but at the very worst, you would think that the Mariners are beating themselves up for selecting Dustin Ackley.8 Draft Regret: Josh SaleRemember the young kid out of Seattle that was a combination of a young Mark McGuire, Jose Canseco, and Aaron Judge all rolled into one? You know, the guy who was launching bombs out of the park like he was playing a video game? Yeah, that same guy was selected by the Tampa Bay Rays with the 17th pick in the 2010 draft in hopes that he could add some much-needed firepower to the lineup.Unfortunately, Josh Sale never made it to the bigs, with his career stalling at the Single-A level due to both his performance on the field and off. In 2012, there was a glimmer of hope that Sale had figured things out during his time with the Bowling Green Hot Rods, but sadly, that glimmer dimmed pretty quick. Sale seemed to be more interested in other things, which included a number of inappropriate social media posts and other off-field issues. Hey look, a tie to McGuire and Canseco.7 Draft Steal: Kevin PillarImagine entering your name into the draft pool and although you get selected and receive the phone call, you still had to wait until the 32nd round and over nine hundred players. Although he wouldn’t reach full time status with the Blue Jays until 2014, three years after being selected with the 979th pick, Kevin Pillar has made the most of his time for Canada’s only major league ball club.How it is that major league managers and coaches have failed to acknowledge Superman for his defensive efforts by awarding him a Gold Glove, but yet Pillar has been named the Wilson Defensive Player Of The Year and also received the Fielding Bible Award? Don’t forget to throw in a reserved spot on SportsCenter for what seems to be a nightly defensive play. Sure, you may not get the same highlight-level play offensively from Pillar that you do in the field, but a consistent .261 average over the course of his six-year career is a decent compliment to his defensive wizardry.6 Draft Regret: Kyle ZimmerIt’s not like the 2012 MLB draft was full of world beaters and one of a kind talent, but that still doesn’t mean that the Kansas City Royals get a free pass on taking Kyle Zimmer with the fifth overall pick. A multi-positional player in high school, Zimmer and the University of San Francisco focused on turning the California native into a full-time pitcher.Although he would have a short stint with the Triple-A Omaha Storm Chasers, that would be as far as Zimmer would climb the ladder of the baseball ranks, as a series of arm and shoulder injuries have kept him from advancing any further and actually halted his progress completely in 2017. Luckily for Zimmer, the Royals have not given up on their investment, as they have helped guide him through the rehab process with hopes of one day adding him to their rotation.5 Draft Steal: Dallas KeuchelWhat were the odds that the 221st pick from the 2009 draft would win a Cy Young award and post nearly 1,000 career strikeouts? Judging by the fact that the Astros seemed to be the only team willing to take a chance on the bearded lefty, there are a lot of teams wishing for a draft day do-over. Following three years at the University of Arkansas and then three more years in the Astros farm program, Dallas Keuchel would make his debut in 2012. A two-time All-Star and a three-time Gold Glove recipient, Keuchel has been a major reason why the Astros have been among the preseason favorites to compete for a post-season berth, including Houston’s magical ride to the 2017 World Series banner.4 Draft Regret: Hayden SimpsonYou know how Bruno Caboclo was two years away from being two years away when his name was announced on draft night? Well, Hayden Simpson may have been the baseball equivalent of the former NBA hopeful. Selected with the 16th pick in the first round of the 2010 draft, the Cubs could have walked away from the night with Christian Yelich or even James Paxton and had someone that would have contributed to their roster. Instead, the team went for a pick from WAY out in left field with Simpson, who played only three seasons of minor league ball. Posting a win/loss record of 5-17 over 56 games, Simpson never developed his game to advance past Single-A ball and would hang up his glove after the 2013 season.3 Draft Steal: J.D. MartinezChances are the Twins, Astros, and Diamondbacks are sitting wishing that J.D. Martinez was still part of their batting rotation. Originally drafted by the Twins in 2006, the multi-time All-Star chose to attend Nova Southeastern University, a Division II program in Florida. Redrafted by Houston in 2009, Martinez would spend three seasons moving up through the Astros minor league system before earning a full time spot in Astros’ outfield. Whereas the Twins lost out to Martinez to college ball, the Astros basically gave up on him, by releasing him after two and a half seasons.Enter the Detroit Tigers who had Martinez in their lineup for three and a half years before shipping him to Arizona for prospects. Prior to the start of the 2018 season, the Boston Red Sox inked Martinez to a five-year/$110 million deal that was money well spent as he captured his second All-Star, was the AL RBI leader and helped the team to the 2018 World Series. If only his other three employers were patient enough.2 Draft Regret: Jake Skole There have been a lot of two-sport stars in history, Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders being two of the most famous. To a lesser extent, Michael Jordan and Tim Tebow, both famous but less successful in their second sports, tried their hand at an alternative sport. Maybe the Texas Rangers 2010 first round pick figures he will have better success as a defensive back than he did as an outfielder. Whether he was with the Rangers or the New York Yankees, Skole never advanced past the Double-A level with his best performance coming in 2014.When Jake Skole realized that his future was not in baseball, he decided to follow his other passion and return to school at the University of Georgia to suit up for the Bulldogs as a defensive back. At least Skole took the opportunity for a do-over, something the Rangers would have liked to have, as they let Christian Yelich and Delino DeShields Jr. pass them by.1 Draft Steal: Mookie BettsBack in 2011, there was some talk about the Kansas City Royals or the San Diego Padres potentially selecting Mookie Betts with a pick somewhere in the second round. Not a single one of the Royals five picks that were taken before Betts could even hold a candle to his credentials. As for the Padres, well they called nine names, none of which are remotely close to a household name.Thankfully the Boston Red Sox scouting staff had some common sense, drafting Betts with the 172nd pick. In 2015, Betts would join the Sox outfield trio on a full-time basis, and one year later, the 2018 World Series champion would be named to the first of three straight All-Star games. A pair of Gold Glove awards, as well as a Silver Slugger and a Wilson Defensive Player Of The Year title, should be more than enough for the Royals, Padres, and the rest of the league to regret passing on Betts.

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