Steve Pearce Wins World Series MVP After Red Sox Championship Win

The Boston Red Sox utility player, Steve Pearce, was named the most valuable player in the 2018 World Series.In addition to winning the MVP, Pearce also won his first-ever World Series championship. In game five of clinching the championship, Pearce hit two home runs with three runs batted in.Pearce also hit a home run in game four of the World Series and had four RBI’s to go along with that. Pearce proved to everyone again that he be a very reliable clutch hitter in any situation.RELATED: GAME 1 WAS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE RED SOX’S OFFENSE DOMINATING OPPOSING TEAMSThrough the 2018 postseason, Pearce had four home runs and eleven RBI’s. He also had a .289 batting average with a .658 slugging percentage and a 1.083 OPS. Even though Pearce didn’t play every game for the Red Sox, he never wasted an at-bat when he got his chance.Pearce only had 38 plate appearances in 13 games this postseason. But, he had eleven hits with four of them being game-changing home runs. Of those 38 at-bats, Pearce also had nine walks while being driven in on one of those of base on balls.The regular season was also a high point for Pearce when he was able to stay healthy. Pearce was only able to play in 76 games this past season because of an oblique injury. But, he did hit eleven home runs and 42 RBI’s in those 76 games.Pearce did spend the first half of the season with a team that wasn’t the Red Sox. He played 26 games with the Toronto Blue Jays before he was traded to the Red Sox on June 28, 2018.The upside for Pearce is that he just won the World Series MVP and he is a free agent this winter. He’s coming off a two-year deal that paid him $6.25 million. Now, I’m not saying he’ll be getting a massive six or seven-year deal.But, he will definitely get a raise in pay and will sign for enough years that he will not have to worry about signing another deal for a decent period of time. Whether that’s with the Red Sox or not, only time will tell.Regardless, any team should be interested in Pearce this winter especially because he just proved himself throughout the entire postseason.RELATED: THE LEAST EFFECTIVE NEW YORK YANKEES PITCHERS SINCE 2000

Tuesday November 13, 2018

飞到巴黎出席一战结束100周年纪念活动遭冷遇,特朗普回国后开始向马克龙“开火”还击。 特朗普推特截图 在最新的一条推特里,特朗普说道:“埃马纽埃尔·马克龙建议建立自己的军队来保护欧洲对抗美国、中国和俄罗斯。但是这是德国在第一次和第二次世界大战(World Wars One & Two,此处特朗普的用语并不标准,应该是World War I & World War II)时候的做法。难道这还没有教会法国怎样做人么?美国来之前,法国人正在巴黎学德语呢。(军费)交还是不交!” 美国当地时间12日一大早,特朗普曾连发三条推特,对美国的贸易问题及大笔军费开支表示不满,要求欧洲国家要么向美国“支付军事保护费,或者就自己保护自己”。 法国总统马克龙此前表示,他更愿意与美国总统特朗普“进行直接讨论”,而不是通过推特讨论外交。 来源:环球网 Source:

1辆汽车冲入英国和比利时首相的车队 2名警察受伤
Friday November 09, 2018

海外网11月9日电 据今日俄罗斯报道,当地时间11月9日,当英国首相特蕾莎和比利时首相米歇尔正在比利时前往参加一个纪念第一次世界大战的活动时,一辆汽车冲入他们的车队。事故中两名警察受伤。 随后,车队继续前行。但目前汽车司机的身份、事故的原因等细节仍未披露。 来源:海外网 Source:

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Soi kèo West Ham vs Tottenham: 2h45 ngày 01/11, League Cup
Tuesday October 30, 2018

Soi kèo West Ham vs Tottenham: 2h45 ngày 01/11, League Cup Rate this post Tin soi kèo bóng đá từ nhà cái cá cược uy tín 188BET – Chuyên gia soi kèo West Ham vs Tottenham cho biết, đội khách đang phải đối mặt với lịch thi đấu rất dày đặc. Trong bối cảnh đó,

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