Khabib Offers Mayweather A 2-Fight Deal To Fight In The Ring & The Octagon

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Saturday November 10, 2018

美国加州灾情(图:《每日邮报》) 海外网11月10日电日前,美国加州大火不断延烧,已有9人遇难。大火烧毁了许多人的住家,就连明星的豪宅也跟着遭殃。 除了加州北部之外,南部也受到重创。据英国《每日邮报》报道,凯特琳·詹娜300多平米的房子在大火中被摧毁,幸运的是,她安全撤离了火灾现场。 凯特琳·詹娜(右侧,图:《每日邮报》) “我们很安全,在一座安全的房子里”,詹娜在社交平台上发布视频“报平安”,但能明显看出神情有些沮丧,眼里还含着泪光。 威尔·史密斯(图:《每日邮报》) 威尔·史密斯也陷入担忧,他在社交平台上发布了一段视频,表示担心自己的住宅将被大火吞噬。 “我打算去高一点的地方看看火势,我们可能离它有8英里远”,史密斯在视频中说,自己还没有被通知需要撤离,但他担心女儿的安危,还是决定去探一探情况。 视频中,史密斯还用手指了指方向称“大火在那,我的房子在这,这真的非常恐怖,一旦我们得到消息,我们立刻就撤离”。他还在视频中向网友呼吁,“如果你们也在需要撤离的地区,赶紧走”。 ladygaga豪宅(图:《每日邮报》) 此外,野火越过海边城市朝着奥克斯纳德市的方向蔓延,期间,Lady Gaga在马里布附近价值2400万的豪宅被厚厚的烟雾包围。有报道称,她的房子很可能受到影响。 Lady Gaga今日连发数条推文,称自己已经从家中提前撤离,并表示为失去家园的人们感到悲伤。 据报道统计,加州南部大约有15万居民,随着野火的不断蔓延,这些民众已经被要求撤离。 据美联社消息,美国北加州山火已经造成9人遇难,这场大火已经升级为全美史上破坏性最强的山火。 来源:海外网 Source:

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It was just last week when Dana White stated from his own mouth that a fight between Khabib and Mayweather would not happen unless Mayweather brought his talents down to the UFC this time.
Khabib believes he has a better solution to please fans desperate to see the unbeaten stars clash. The current undisputed UFC Lightweight Champion has proposed a two-fight deal to Floyd Mayweather, where both fighters will first step inside the boxing ring and fight it out, and then in return, fight again in an Octagon.
Via The Sun:
“Speaking to beIN Sports, the Russian said: “If we make a bilateral agreement with Floyd Mayweather, the fans will be pleased.
“The first match in the ring and the second in the cage, then this would be real. I want to test myself in boxing once, that’s fair.”
For months, Mayweather teased the possibility of a crossover by posting videos inside an Octagon, but no one really knows for sure how serious he was about it.

Wednesday November 07, 2018

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