Renee Young Officially Part Of Crown Jewel Events In Saudi Arabia Despite Restrictions On Women

There were rumors Renee Young was to be part of the Crown Jewel event emanating from Saudi Arabia. Those rumors were confirmed when the kickoff show began and she was sitting alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves at the announce table.Those who know the WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia know that this particular Crown Jewel event has been surrounded by controversy. There was the murder of an American by the Saudi government and questions about whether or not WWE would still travel to hold the event there. Then the company announced Hulk Hogan would be returning and featured on the show, which, of course, he was and it would certainly open the company up for criticism considering Hogan was removed from the company in 2015 for racist remarks caught on tape. Lost in all of this was the fact that women have not be allowed to be part of any WWE show in Saudi Arabia.Renee Young sitting ringside is a big deal, one that has flown relatively under the radar.At the Greatest Royal Rumble (the first of WWE’s many shows in Saudi Arabia), WWE had to apologize for accidentally playing a video promo that included women in the arena. Having a female talent sitting in the building, not covered up and working in a significant role is a big and unexpected step forward.Whether this was a deal worked out between WWE and the Saudi kingdom, that the show was moved to a smaller venue in Riyadh or whether that deal came about as a way to lessen the damage done by the earlier mentioned controversy is unclear, but it should be mentioned that WWE had publicly stated their intention in working with the Saudi government was an opportunity to improve women’s rights in that region. Perhaps this is a small step forward in that direction.Young’s involvement certainly won’t silence those who are criticizing WWE for moving forward with the event but is the next move going to be permitting women to have a role inside the ring? It might have been hard to imagine based on the first show, but with Young a part of this one, that may just be the case.NEXT: WWE TO REPLACE ROMAN REIGNS WITH BOBBY LASHLEY AS THE ROCK’S WRESTLEMANIA OPPONENT

Tuesday November 13, 2018

【OTTAWAZINE资讯】本月八号晚上七点,在Gatineau, Quebec的Hull区域,一名四岁的小女孩在家和狗玩耍的时候被它咬伤了脸。小女孩被送去了医院,万幸的是,伤势没有危及到生命。 负责这次案件的警察表示,这是一只小女孩儿家里家养的Pit Bull-type (比特犬),事发当时,家人都在家。尽管这一家没有受到任何刑事指控,但也会被征收超过$2,500的罚款,其中包括四笔罚款,每笔$644,依次为: - 犬未被标记 - 犬未按潜在危险狗的规定进行绝育 - 未在房屋外张贴警告 - 未能防止犬咬人 Gatineau地区允许人们饲养比特犬,但是有专门的规章制度来管理。规定都被列在了the City of Gatineau的网站上,饲养此犬种的主人应严格遵守。 Pit Bull(比特犬)是一类犬种的总称,包括: American

渥太华大学与Kanata North Business Association合作,将为Kanata输送人才
Tuesday November 13, 2018

【OTTAWAZINE资讯】渥太华除了是加拿大的政治中心,还是一个令不少人向往的科技中心。在城市西端的Kanata,超过五百家科技企业在此汇集,因此这里也被称为“北方硅谷”。 而城市中心的渥太华大学,Computer Science及相关专业的实力也不容小觑。每一年,都有许多科技人才从渥太华大学毕业,投身到更深远的研究之中。 Via Uottawa 如今,渥太华大学要和Kanata的企业联合会Kanata North Business Association(KNBA)合作了!教育和科技发生碰撞,会擦出什么样的火花? 渥太华大学副校长Sylvain Charbonneau认为,教育是建立科技生态系统的关键部分。调查却发现,Kanata North对于人们来说,可能代表着生活区、工作企业,甚至娱乐休闲,但唯独缺少了“学习”这个词,位于Kanata的许多科技公司更是在人才和培训方面存在一定欠缺。 教育培训,这可是渥太华大学最擅长的啊! 于是,渥太华大学已与KNBA进行了几个月的谈判。未来,校方将会和Kanata North的企业举办各种研讨会、开展合作科研,并帮助学生在Kanata North获得更多的实习和co-op机会。另外,渥太华大学还计划在科技园535 Legget Dr.建立相关机构。 Photo by

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Link sopcast Acestream trận Leicester City vs West Ham (23h30 ngày 27/10)
Friday October 26, 2018

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