Why Brock Lesnar Beat Braun Strowman At Crown Jewel: Best Theories

WWE shocked the WWE Universe by placing the Universal Championship back around the waist of Brock Lesnar. A former champion with one foot out the door and an appetite only for the biggest paycheque he could muster, his last run, if nothing else, was controversial. With that in mind, why would WWE do such a thing?Lesnar vs. Strowman was a short match and most insiders believed Strowman was a shoo-in to be named the victor. It would have been the Monster Among Men’s first title run and Lesnar was rumored to be leaving back for UFC, with no further dates scheduled. In reality, many insiders said The Beast Incarnate wouldn’t be at Survivor Series because that event didn’t include a Saudi-Arabia payday. Everything pointed to Strowman being the man. Alas, after a cheap shot by Baron Corbin and five F5’s, Lesnar is once again the champ and questions will remain.There are a few theories as to what WWE was thinking when they made this call. Here are the ones we believe make the most sense.Survivor SeriesAfter the match ended, it took WWE less than 10 minutes to broadcast on social media that the new champion would be heading to Survivor Series in a few weeks to take on AJ Styles. Those doubts we mentioned at the top of this article and the fact Lesnar wouldn’t appear at the Thanksgiving traditional pay-per-view pushed those doubts aside with the announcement. It will be a SmackDown Live vs Raw match, the second meeting between these two.Lesnar versus Styles makes much more sense than Strowman versus Styles does. The alternative was a babyface vs babyface bout and WWE likely deemed it too soon to go that direction. Styles vs. Lesnar II is a match people will want to see.Related: WWE Officially Announces Lesnar Vs Styles II At Survivor SeriesSetting Up Strowman vs. CorbinThere were rumors Baron Corbin was heading for a feud with Strowman. That’s clear as day now with the way WWE booked this match. Corbin cheap-shotted the big man before the match could really get underway and Strowman is not likely to take kindly to it.Potentially WWE plans to make a group of Survivor Series teams with Strowman and Corbin as respective captains. Corbin will likely threaten Superstars with the loss of their jobs to recruit his team while Strowman may take on everyone alone to show he’s still among the strongest men in the company.Related: WWE Crown Jewel Winners & Losers: Shawn Michaels ReturnsStrowman Doesn’t Need It, Lesnar DoesIt’s more than a possibility WWE simply sees Strowman as a star who doesn’t need the title to be over with the audience. He’s popular no matter what his role and he remains a star regardless of whether or not he holds a title. The same can’t be said for Lesnar who is quickly losing steam.Without the Universal Championship, Lesnar isn’t nearly as devastating as he once was. Giving him the title gives him a status as a top-tier competitor even if he’s not around to defend that championship. It’s hard to doubt him as a threat when he’s the top dog on the brand.Related: Huge Crown Jewel 2018 Takeaways- Shawn Michaels Should Not Be SmilingSaving Strowman For WrestlemaniaPerhaps WWE does intend to give Strowman the title but the idea is to make it a big event when it happens. There’s nothing bigger than Wrestlemania 35. If that’s the plan, expect the build to be big and WWE to promote the change much more than they had an opportunity to when this singles match got thrown together at the last minute.WWE shocked a lot of people by giving Lesnar another run, especially allowing him to pin the company’s biggest star in speedy fashion. But, upon closer look, perhaps there’s some logic behind the decision.Where things will get rally interesting is in what WWE decides to do next. Is Lesnar in for a long run? Will he be showing up more often now that he’s the champion? Did the company learn anything from his last run or is the WWE Universe in for another long tenure with a champion that’s never on WWE programming?Next: Brock Lesnar Wins Universal Championship At Crown Jewel Against Braun Strowman

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10月11日,土耳其伊斯坦布尔,当地安全人员封锁沙特阿拉伯驻土耳其总领事馆。 土耳其总检察长办公室的一名消息人士称,他们在沙特驻伊斯坦布尔领事馆的一口井内发现了用于溶解已故记者卡舒吉尸体的氢氟酸和其他化学物质。 据半岛电视台本周四(11月8日)援引该人士报道,卡舒吉10月2日进入领馆被勒死分尸后,他的遗体被放进五个行李箱,运到了领馆附近的沙特驻伊斯坦布尔总领事官邸。10月16日至17日,土耳其调查人员怀疑卡舒吉的尸体被埋入井中,希望能够进入官邸内的花园和井道进行搜查,但并未得到许可。 不过,据卡塔尔媒体报道,调查人员还是粗略地从井口处取样,并化验出上述酸性物质。此外,从外交设施区域周围的污水和排水系统采集的样品中也发现了同样的化学物质。氢氟酸一般用于医药、工业用途,它具有很强的腐蚀性,能迅速与各种物质发生反应,且极易挥发。 近几周来,卡舒吉的遗体下落一直是一个问题。本月2日,土耳其总统埃尔多安的顾问阿克塔伊表示,卡舒吉的遗体最终被酸性物质溶解,而分尸是为了能尽快溶解尸体。“现在我们看到,他们不仅肢解了尸体,而且进行了蒸发处理。”阿克塔伊说。 埃尔多安一周前在《华盛顿邮报》的专栏文章中称,杀害卡舒吉的命令来自沙特政府“最高层”,但同时指出,他决不相信国王萨勒曼下令执行谋杀。 尽管最新披露的发现让土方的推断更加可信,但是来自各国的外交行动对卡舒吉遇害事件却并未有太大作用。11月2日,卡舒吉的未婚妻哈蒂丝·简吉兹(Hatice Cengiz)在《华盛顿邮报》撰文批评美国总统特朗普,称他对于卡舒吉之死的反应“缺乏道德”。她认为,现在国际社会理应将肇事者绳之以法,美国应该“带头”。 特朗普7日在讲话中表示,他对整件事有一种“很强烈的看法”,但并未具体透露他的观点。 一波未平一波又起。《新海湾》新闻网站援引人权人士报道称,沙特另一名不同政见记者贾西尔(Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser)近在狱中遭到酷刑拷打,并于上周六死亡。报道称,沙特政府指控其运作匿名Twitter账号,曝光该国违反人权的做法。不过该报道尚未得到证实。 来源:界面-天下 Source: https://ottawazine.com/feed/

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【OTTAWAZINE资讯】大家还记得自己第一次抵达渥太华,从廊桥走进渥太华机场航站楼时的心情么?想必大家在激动的同时,多多少少也会有一些惊讶吧——渥太华机场怎么这么小! 确实,作为加拿大首都,渥太华的机场……是真不(tebie)大(xiao)…… 但随着渥太华城市建设的快速发展,渥太华机场也正迎来巨大的变化!目前,价值2500万加元的五年期机场翻新工程即将上马,现有机场设施都会被改造或者扩建,当然也会有新的建筑出现,比如——一座机场酒店。 最最最重要的是,渥太华机场附近还会新增一座价值2000万加元的轻轨站!终于……大家出发或抵达时的选择不只有蹭车、打车和97路公交车了…… 拨拉一下小算盘,这个项目的总体预算已经高达4500万加元了,几乎半个亿啊! 机场总裁兼首席执行官Mark Laroch表示,渥太华机场的翻新工程已经进入到了招投标阶段,下个月将会公布竞标结果,当明年春天授予合同的时候也就能正式动工了! 由于渥太华机场还需要承担许许多多的航运工作,翻新计划必须分阶段进行。明年春天,机场三层Check-in区域一层的食品区率先开始改建,全部改成安检区域,这项工程预计会在18个月到两年之内完成。 Via OTTAWACITIZEN 新的食品区主体将被迁至二层,以后人们check-in之后就不用再搭电梯下楼接受安检了,而且还能在安检结束候机时安安心心地吃点东西啦。 完成第一阶段的改造之后,新的机场酒店和轻轨站工程便很快开工。酒店预计在五年内完工,而轻轨站会在2023年投入使用。 Mark Laroch称,渥太华机场今年的客流量比去年增加了4%,已被评为北美同类客户服务的首选机场(机场每年200万至500万乘客),因此机场的建设更需要紧跟发展步伐,努力提高客户体验。 Via OTTAWACITIZEN 目前,渥太华机场及其辅助服务部门雇用了大约5,000名员工,每年为渥太华经济贡献超过20亿加元。虽然改造工程会对机场的日常工作造成一定影响,但在Mark Laroch看来,这些影响是值得的,因为改造后的渥太华机场服务水平一定会大大增强。 不过别忘了,这个翻新工程的预计工期都已经长达五年,希望这次能按期完工哦…… OTTAWAZINE/

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Trước tình trạng chơi xóc đĩa trong sới, tụ điểm có nhiều mối nguy hiểm rình rập như dụng cụ xóc đĩa bịp hay lo sợ công an bắt không an toàn cho nên người chơi đang dần chuyển sang hình thức chơi xóc đĩa online. Tuy nhiên, việc chuyển sang hình thức đặt cược

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