WWE Crown Jewel 2018: Match Card, Start Time, Updates, & Where To Watch

WWE Crown Jewel takes place this Friday, November 2, 2018, and will be streaming live on the WWE Network. If you are brand new to WWE, you might be wondering why the event is starting at the strange time of 12 pm EST. Well, unlike WWE, we’re not afraid to tell you that it’s because the event is being staged in Saudi Arabia. Here is everything you need to know about the controversial event taking place in the Middle East.Braun Strowman vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal ChampionshipThis match was obviously intended to be a triple threat, but now it won’t be for the worst reason. Not only did Roman Reigns have to step away from this match and WWE in general, but he also had to relinquish the Universal Title. That means the vacant championship is now up for grabs in this one. It’s hard to imagine Braun Strowman won’t win the match, however, there is precedent for WWE letting Brock Lesnar have one of its top titles even though he won’t be around. Please don’t put us through that again Vince McMahon.RELATED: HUGE TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS WEEK’S RAWD-Generation X vs The Brothers Of DestructionConsidering how long all four of the men in this match have been associated with WWE, it’s pretty unbelievable that at Crown Jewel we’ll be seeing them clash in this way for the first time ever. D-Generation X and The Brothers Of Destruction, two of pro wrestling’s most powerful and influential teams. All four men have history with each other, but as tag teams, they have never clashed. We will finally get to see it go down this Friday. Hopefully, the tag team format will hide the fact that three of the four men are in their fifties.WWE’s World Cup TournamentRaw BracketThere will be an eight-man tournament to decide the “best in the world” at Crown Jewel. All of the competitors are from the US, but let’s not get into that. Firstly, the Raw side of the bracket. Since John Cena is no longer traveling to Saudi Arabia, Bobby Lashley will now be taking on Seth Rollins in the first round. We have a sneaky suspicion Dean Ambrose will cost The Architect that match. In the other red brand bout, we will see Dolph Ziggler take on Kurt Angle. It will be the Olympic gold medalist’s first singles match in WWE for more than 12 years.RELATED: BOBBY LASHLEY TAKES JOHN CENA’S PLACE IN WWE’S WORLD CUPSmackDown Live BracketAs revealed by Shane McMahon on the SmackDown Live side of things this week, there’s a lot more on the line on the blue brand side of things. Due to the way the bracket has been set up, the final guarantees that a Raw Superstar will take on someone from SmackDown Live. McMahon explained to his participants that if the SmackDown Superstar who makes it to the final loses, they will have no place on his show. The blue brand’s first-round matches will pit The Miz against Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio against Randy Orton.RELATED: HUGE TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS WEEK’S SMACKDOWN LIVEAJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the WWE ChampionshipThis match required some creative manoeuvering on WWE’s part. Most of you will know that AJ Styles was supposed to be defending his WWE Title against Daniel Bryan in this match. However, Bryan is not comfortable performing at Crown Jewel. That meant he got his title shot on this week’s SmackDown Live instead. After the match, Samoa Joe appeared and attacked both men. Later in the show, Styles demanded that Paige book he and Joe in a title match at Crown Jewel. The rivalry between these two was terrific so you’ll hear no complaints from us.RELATED: WWE REPLACES DANIEL BRYAN WITH SAMOA JOE AT CROWN JEWELThe Bar vs The New Day for the SmackDown Tag Team ChampionshipsConsidering the age and/or notoriety of the Superstars the Saudi Prince likes to see on WWE shows in his country, this match might not be on his radar. However, if he isn’t watching, he’ll be missing out. As always, any match including The New Day has the potential to steal the show, no matter how big an event it might be. They used to do it opposite The Usos, now they are doing it with The Bar. However, if Big Show is lurking at ringside, don’t expect them to become six-time Tag Team Champions.NEXT: BECKY LYNCH ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS ALEXA BLISS ON TWITTER

韩美重启军演 朝鲜:说好的信任呢?
Tuesday November 13, 2018

韩国和美国本月重新启动海军陆战队联合演习。朝鲜官方媒体12日发表文章,指责这一做法公然针对朝方,与朝韩9月份签署的军事协议精神及朝鲜半岛和平对话形势背道而驰。 这是韩美自6月暂停相关军演以来,首次恢复海军陆战队联合演习。 分析人士认为,韩美欲借此向朝方施压,促其在半岛无核化谈判中采取更多实际行动,但从朝方反应看,类似军事行动并不利于半岛局势继续向对话与和平方向发展。 朝鲜谴责:联合演习与当前形势不相称 朝鲜劳动党机关报《劳动新闻》12日发表文章,谴责韩美重启海军陆战队联合演习。文章说,当前北南双方应比以往任何时候倾注更多努力维护信任和实现半岛永久和平,韩美海军陆战队重启联合演习与上述要求和当前形势不相称。 文章指出,彻底遵守和认真履行朝韩双方9月19日在平壤签署的《〈板门店宣言〉军事领域履行协议》、积极采取举措将朝鲜半岛打造成永久和平地带是时代的要求,此次重启韩美海军陆战队联合演习,与协议中的承诺背道而驰。朝韩应确保半岛局势朝着对话与和平的方向发展,不应采取针对对方的军事行动,而应作出有利于缓和紧张的理性举动。 韩国和美国5日在韩国东南部港口城市浦项附近启动为期两周的海军陆战队联合演习,约500名军人参加并动用两栖装甲突击车等装备,参演美军士兵来自驻扎在日本冲绳县的美国海军陆战队。 无核化进程滞缓韩美作出“强硬姿态” 对于此次韩美重启军演的主要原因,中国社科院亚太与全球战略研究院副研究员王俊生认为,从军事层面看,在韩美军事同盟仍旧十分紧密的情况下,两国国内要求恢复军演以应对半岛突发事件的呼声始终很高;从政治外交层面看,在近期半岛无核化相关问题解决进程缓慢的情况下,韩美两国国内要求政府作出强硬姿态的声音也在逐渐增大。 9月24日,韩国总统文在寅(左)与美国总统特朗普在美国纽约举行双边会谈。新华社/法新 今年以来,朝美关系取得了历史性突破,两国领导人6月新加坡会晤承诺建立“有助于朝鲜半岛和平与繁荣的新型关系”。尽管如此,两国在实现半岛无核化路径上始终存在明显分歧。 王俊生说,在朝美缺乏互信、半岛无核化进程逐渐陷入僵局的背景下,韩美两国保守派与强硬势力均要求政府通过恢复联合军演向朝方施压,促其在下一步的无核化谈判中采取更多实际行动。 不过,在域内各国前期的积极斡旋下,韩美近期仍将倾向于暂停大规模联合军事演习,以期通过政治外交手段,逐步解决半岛核问题。 军事行动无益应对话落实共识解决关切 韩美两国均认为,此次重启的海军陆战队联合演习,是韩美军事同盟范围内维持协防态势的年度例行军事演习,且这种防御性、小规模的军演不会让朝鲜感受到安全威胁。 10月7日,朝鲜最高领导人金正恩(右二)在平壤与美国国务卿蓬佩奥(左二)举行会谈。新华社/朝中社 但从朝鲜近日的强硬表态可以看出,在半岛局势趋缓,但朝美无核化谈判陷入停滞的背景下,任何类似的军事行动都将为半岛和平稳定增添负面影响,加深半岛安全领域的不稳定因素,不利于半岛局势朝着对话与和平的方向继续前行。 朝核问题复杂敏感,建立新的朝美关系、构建半岛持久稳定和平机制、早日实现半岛无核化,需要相关各方持续迈出相向而行的步伐。 自年初以来半岛局势出现的向好态势来之不易,有关各方更应坚持政治解决的方向,通过包括领导人会晤在内的各层级对话,不断增进朝美互信,落实好已有共识,解决各自合理关切,共同推动半岛无核化和政治解决进程不断取得进展。 背景链接

Monday November 12, 2018

【OTTAWAZINE资讯】再过七天,你的钱包就要有大变化啦!不是说钱包里的钱会自动变多或者变少,而是钱包里的纸币将会有全新的面貌。 带动大家钱包发生变化的,就是我们每天生活最常接触的紫色10加元纸币! Via Bank of Canada 当然,10加元的主题颜色不会变,还是清新优雅的紫色设计,变化的是“代言人”会成为生于加拿大Nova Scotia省的黑人女性商人——Viola Desmond。也就是说,下周之后发行的永久性10刀纸币都会印着Viola Desmond的头像,而不再是原来印着的有“加拿大国父”之称的麦当劳爵士(Sir John Alexander Macdonald)。 麦当劳爵士,再见啦~ 作为一名黑人女性,Viola Desmond是加拿大种族隔离的首位挑战者。1946年,她在一家电影院中坚定地拒绝离开仅限白人的座位区。虽然她为此遭受了刑事指控,但这一项英雄般的举动也掀起了Nova Scotia省的种族平等运动,最终Viola Desmond案件的广泛的舆论影响被推动了Nova Scotia省取消种族隔离。 自Viola

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Soi kèo M.U vs Juventus, 2h00 ngày 24/10, Champions League
Sunday October 21, 2018

Soi kèo M.U vs Juventus, 2h00 ngày 24/10, Champions League Rate this post Tin soi kèo bóng đá từ nhà cái cá cược uy tín 188BET – Chuyên gia soi kèo M.U vs Juventus cho rằng, tất cả đang hướng sự chú ý về Ronaldo trong ngày anh trở về sân Old Trafford. Tuy nhiên

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