RG3 Fires Back At His Ex-Wife For Trying Restrict His Access To Their Child

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Tuesday November 13, 2018

飞到巴黎出席一战结束100周年纪念活动遭冷遇,特朗普回国后开始向马克龙“开火”还击。 特朗普推特截图 在最新的一条推特里,特朗普说道:“埃马纽埃尔·马克龙建议建立自己的军队来保护欧洲对抗美国、中国和俄罗斯。但是这是德国在第一次和第二次世界大战(World Wars One & Two,此处特朗普的用语并不标准,应该是World War I & World War II)时候的做法。难道这还没有教会法国怎样做人么?美国来之前,法国人正在巴黎学德语呢。(军费)交还是不交!” 美国当地时间12日一大早,特朗普曾连发三条推特,对美国的贸易问题及大笔军费开支表示不满,要求欧洲国家要么向美国“支付军事保护费,或者就自己保护自己”。 法国总统马克龙此前表示,他更愿意与美国总统特朗普“进行直接讨论”,而不是通过推特讨论外交。 来源:环球网 Source: https://ottawazine.com/feed/

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Anytime a relationship or marriage ends badly and there is a child or children involved, almost nothing good will come of it in the years following.
Robert Griffin III allegedly cheated on his 1st wife with a mistress who he is not only married to now, but has a child with as well. His ex-wife has been fuming about it ever since, ad just a few days ago, Rebecca Liddicoat went and filed court documents that is asking a judge to restrict the access RG3 has to his young daughter.
The Baltimore Ravens back-up QB wasn’t having it and has filed court documents himself to fight back, according to Bossip.
“Griffin filed court docs to challenge his ex Rebecca Liddicoat’s case to give him “restricted access” to Reese, three, saying his wife’s legal moves don’t have a leg to stand on, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.
Griffin said Liddicoat’s petition against him – which wants, among other things, to bar him from seeing the girl anywhere but in the Texas County where she and Liddicoat now live during the NFL season – wasn’t entirely legal in the first place. He said under the terms of their divorce, Liddicoat has to give him written notice of any proposed changes to their custody agreement, which he said she never did.
The Baltimore Ravens quarterback also denied all of Liddicoat’s allegations, including that their current custody agreement had become “unworkable” and that the new plan was in the best interest of the child.
Hopefully, the pettiness will die down soon.”
This has the making of a fight that won’t be ending anytime soon and will last for years to come as their child gets older.

沙特检方:卡舒吉被肢解5官员面临死刑 王储未涉案
Thursday November 15, 2018

环球网综合报道 据法新社11月15日最新消息,沙特公共检察官周四在一份声明中正式,卡舒吉在沙特驻伊斯坦布尔领馆内被人麻醉并肢解。 声明称,5名沙特官员将因此面临死刑。检察官还强调,沙特王储萨勒曼并未牵涉本案。 美联社称,沙特方面准备起诉11人谋杀了卡舒吉,并寻求判处其中5人死刑。 来源:环球时报 Source: https://ottawazine.com/feed/

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