Huge SmackDown Live Takeaways- All Change For Crown Jewel

One last stop before we head to Saudi Arabia for WWE Crown Jewel this Friday, Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live. As the headlines before the show suggested, it was a two-hour broadcast that required WWE’s creative team to be more creative than usual. Here’s what we took away from this week’s SmackDown Live as we inch closer and closer to the controversial show in the Middle East.Daniel Bryan Has A BackboneIn the build to this week’s SmackDown Live, there was a lot of talk that Daniel Bryan had put his foot down and told WWE he would not be traveling to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. However, Tuesday’s show began with Bryan and AJ Styles in the ring hyping their Crown Jewel title match. Within a few minutes, WWE’s plan became clear. To have the WWE Championship match on SmackDown Live so Bryan would not need to travel to the Middle East. That is indeed what happened. Considering Bryan’s lifestyle and beliefs, it’s no surprise that he isn’t comfortable competing in Saudi Arabia right now.But Samoa Joe Is A Hired GunThe subsequent match between Styles and Bryan was naturally as good as we all hoped it would be. What Shane McMahon didn’t mention when he let the match go ahead was what that meant for Crown Jewel. Presumably, the above match happened instead of the two battling in Saudi Arabia rather than as well as. Again, WWE’s plan soon became clear. After Styles made Bryan tap to the Calf Crusher, the pair stood up and shook hands. At that point, Samoa Joe rushed the ring and took out both men. Joe and Bryan are probably good friends, but they likely have very different belief systems. There is money to be made if he competes with Styles for the title at Crown Jewel. It was revealed later in the night that a rematch between Joe and Styles this Friday is exactly what is going to happen.RELATED: WWE REPLACES DANIEL BRYAN WITH SAMOA JOE AT CROWN JEWELThe New Day Can Make Almost Anything GreatWhen SmackDown Live came back from a break to reveal pumpkins around the ring and an apple bobbing station, you could almost hear the WWE Universe rolling its collective eyes. Byron Saxton’s excitement for the ensuing match only made it more annoying. A Trick or Street Fight between Big E and Cesaro quickly broke out, however, New Day’s costumes and antics made what we feared would be an unbearable segment entertaining. The trio was dressed as The Brood and came to the ring to the faction’s music. Big E even used Gangrel’s “mysterious red liquid” to aid him in picking up the win.Is Survivor Series A Women’s Only PPV?Believe it or not, Survivor Series is currently less than three weeks away. So far, aside from a brief nod to what Shinsuke Nakamura’s role as US Champion will be on the show, the only build to the PPV has involved what the female Superstars will be up to. Obviously, we realize that’s because Crown Jewel is this Friday and annoyingly, women are not allowed to compete on that show. That’s why WWE has been trying to distract us with Evolution and Survivor Series build. Nevertheless, we are extremely excited for Becky Lynch versus Ronda Rousey on November 18.RELATED: RONDA ROUSEY VS BECKY LYNCH OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED FOR SURVIVOR SERIESMight Want To Rethink That “Incentive” ShaneBefore the four Superstars who will compete for SmackDown Live at this week’s WWE World Cup went to the ring for Tuesday’s main event, Shane O Mac gathered them backstage. The blue brand commissioner gave the quartet a pep talk, instilling in them why it is of the utmost importance that a SmackDown Live Superstar win the tournament at Crown Jewel. He then signed off by saying that if one of them should lose in Friday’s final, they will no longer have a place on his show. If anything, that’s incentive to not make it to the final. Lose in the first round or the semifinals, your job is safe. Make it all the way to the final and then lose, you’re gone. Not very well thought out Mr. commissioner.NEXT: CODY RHODES SAYS HE IS NOT RETURNING TO WWE DESPITE RUMORS

100多场车祸,全城交通瘫痪…渥太华首场暴雪后, Are you ok?
Saturday November 17, 2018

【OTTAWAZINE资讯】就在昨天,渥太华的第一场暴雪就悄悄的来了……你们的铲雪基(机)都买好了吗? 才11月,圣诞老人的手还没牵到,你就要开始面临很多冬季重任!当初选择渥太华读书的时候,多少也觉得这里的冬季应该像童话世界一样: 但现实是,漫天大雪里等着迟迟不来的公交车再也感受不到浪漫的温度;每日起早贪黑的铲雪,早已对那皑皑白雪失去了兴趣;就连在高速上开车,都会因为大雪变得艰难险阻…… 昨日开始的一整天暴雪,渥太华早已经沦陷…… CTV 报道,仅在昨日,就有102场交通事故发生。 第一场暴雪真的很猛,平均有13CM, 最高峰达14.6cm! 看着那雪一点点积起来的时候,小编已经恨不得开始打包行李了…… 雪下一整天,这竟是渥太华自今年三月份以来最严重的一次降雪。 昨日暴雪达到今年3月份的降雪量,跟2月份的降雪量十分接近。 昨晚的 CTV 新闻报道中,记着就在前方了解到渥太华的第一场暴雪造成了102起交通事故,城市交通几乎一度陷入瘫痪,突如其来的暴雪,让渥村瞬间变成了银装素裹的另一个世界…… 城市路况受到严重破坏,车祸频发 居民铲雪的任务艰巨,一切来的太突然了   出门遛汪星人记得给它穿上保暖衣哦 这个天,就不要把你家猫放出去了吧…… 渥太华的冬天,你到底如何开车、停车?

蔡英文称“我们还是原来的民进党” 网友这样回怼
Thursday November 15, 2018

蔡英文。 中国台湾网11月15日讯 据台湾“中时电子报”报道,民进党昨移师台中举行中执会,对于部分支持者的不满,兼任民进党主席的蔡英文指出,或许民进党脚步有些颠簸、有些迂回,或许有些事情太犹豫、有些事又太心急,“但我们还是原来那个民进党,我们从来没有忘记执政的初衷。”不过这番话却被网友狠回“一直都在骗”。 蔡英文致词时吁大家想想民主选举的本质,思考两件事,做出关键选择。一、究竟哪个政党的候选人,才是真正有能力、会做事的人,能够具体解决人民的问题;二、或许台湾前进的步伐还不够大,“但是这次的选举,我们要选择前进的力量,还是倒退的逆流?” 再过几天就要选举,蔡英文表示,要由台湾人民做出最后的选择,“这个关键选择,将决定台湾是前进、或是倒退,会肯定做事的人、还是做假的人。”对于部分支持者的不满,蔡英文说,或许民进党脚步有些颠簸、有些迂回,或许有些事情太犹豫、有些事又太心急,“但我们还是原来那个民进党,我们从来没有忘记执政的初衷。” 对于蔡英文这番话,网友嘘惨,并纷纷表示“一直都在骗”、“原本就在骗”、“一样的党没错只是现在才被抓包”、“真的很敢讲”、“永远不知道反省没救了”、“此地无银三百两”、“妳还是少说点话比较好”、“就是原来的只会嘴炮不会治台的民进党没错。” 来源:新浪国内 Source:

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Link sopcast Acestream trận Hoffenheim vs Lyon (2h00 ngày 24/10)
Tuesday October 23, 2018

By Bóng Đá 24h Updated: October 23, 2018 Thứ ba (23/10): cup châu Âu 2h00 ngày 24/10: Hoffenheim vs Lyon Kết quả trận Hoffenheim vs Lyon: ? ( Xem kết quả bóng đá – livescore ở đây)+ Link sopcast trận Hoffenheim vs Lyon:…(Bóng Đá 8 cập nhật link sopcast xem trận Hoffenheim vs Lyon trước 1h45′ ngày 24/10 và cập

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